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Industrial Controls

NUCO Controls is a UL 508A-certified manufacturer specializing in the development of industrial control panel solutions.

Motor Controls

  • Our custom motor control solutions span a diverse range of products – from across-the-line starters to variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Custom Controls

  • NUCO specializes in the development of custom industrial control solutions designed to solve our customers’ simple and/or complex electrical control challenges.

Power Quality Solutions

NUCO Controls provides power quality solutions for your facility including power factor correction and harmonic mitigation.

Fixed Capacitor Banks

  • NUCO Controls designs and manufactures fixed capacitors including  fused, non-fused, and custom designs for specific applications.

Automatic Capacitor Banks

  • NUCO offers a broad line of automatic capacitor bank systems utilized in a wide range of low voltage and medium voltage applications.

 Detuned Capacitor Banks

  • NUCO Controls designs and manufactures fixed and automatic detuned capacitor banks providing power factor correction safely in a harmonic environment.

Wind Energy

NUCO offers solutions to replace full LVMD/LVDP cabinets and engineered solutions for component and bus retrofits for the LVMD/LVDP cabinets such as K1, CB1 or full power section replacement of the cabinet.

solar windmill