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Controls and Distribution for the Renewable Energy Industry

NUCO Controls’ design and management personnel are backed by decades of combined experience in engineering innovative products for renewable energy applications. Our “value-engineered” approach provides a range of benefits to your operation through more cost-effective electrical distribution, and controls solutions.

Renewable Energy Solutions Engineered for Efficiency and Sustainability

Global investment in various sectors of the renewable energy industry have experienced exponential growth over the last decade. This includes solar electricity and wind power generation, which are increasingly competitive with coal and natural gas. In fact, over 95% of the growth rate in global power capacity comes from new investments in renewable energy technologies. If this rate continues, renewable energy sources are projected to surpass the combined global capacity of both fossil fuels and nuclear power well before 2030.

For many applications, it’s clear that renewable energy is the future of the power industry. However, transitioning to these renewable sources requires innovative solutions for new electrical controls, and distribution systems.

Meeting the Electrical Distribution and Control Needs of the Renewable Energy Sector

  • Power products engineered and optimized for the renewable energy industry
  • Turbine power distribution, including nacelle and down tower applications
  • System upgrades for LVMD/LVDP, CB1 and K1
  • Solar power conversion and systems integration
  • Value engineering and optimization of existing designs
  • UL 508A control panel builder specializing in industrial renewable energy applications and retrofits
Renewable Energy

Innovative Electrical Engineering Solutions

NUCO Controls is a US-based engineering company specializing in the development of custom controls and electrical distribution technology for solar, wind, hydro-electric, and other sustainable energy applications. Based out of Wichita Falls, Texas, we are a leading source of innovative power solutions for renewable energy companies throughout the US.

At NUCO, our team is committed to engineering optimized solutions designed around the unique needs and custom specifications of your project.