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Innovative Power Quality Products for Commercial and Industrial Applications

NUCO Controls develops innovative power quality products engineered around the requirements of your application. Our custom power quality solutions can help you eliminate added costs associated with power factor penalties while simultaneously improving your operations overall power quality.

We are able to analyze your past utility bills or perform a thorough facility power quality analysis to identify opportunities where improvements can be realized. Backed by decades of combined innovation and expertise, our responsive engineering solutions help ensure your facility is integrated with the most efficient and sustainable power quality equipment.

Custom Power Quality Products Engineered for Your Equipment

As virtually all commercial and industrial operations can attest, the electrical efficiency of your equipment (and thus your ongoing electricity bill) depends upon the power quality processes working throughout your facility. Essentially, your business constantly pays for poor power quality products through the recurring charges that are passed along to you by the utility company every month.

NUCO Controls can help you eliminate these costs and optimize the power quality processes throughout your facility. We offer:

  • Complete facility power quality analysis.
  • Power factor correction.
  • Mitigation of harmonic distortion.

From power factor correction to harmonic filter solutions, NUCO Controls can help you reduce your utility bill and improve the power quality in your plant.

Optimized Power Quality Solutions Since 2011

NUCO Controls is a US-based company specializing in the development of industrial control panels, custom electrical distribution, and innovative power quality products. We have expertise in manufacturing custom power quality solutions for a diverse range of applications. 

Our team is committed to the engineering of optimized power quality solutions that save you money, reduce your electricity consumption, and yield an overall more sustainable production process.

Power Quality